Why a Subscription Box?

Endless Craft and Pottery Subscription boxes

Our monthly craft subscription boxes includes all the materials, accessories, tools, and instructions needed for a trendy and engaging craft project. 

 Crafting at it's Most Convenient

This is the main reason we started our online store Endless Pottery & Crafts, to make crafting as convenient as possible. Our kids and adults craft kit comes with everything you need to create a trendy and engaging project. That means every month your crafts kit comes with the necessary materials, tools, accessories, and easy to follow instructions to get a fun project done! Our goal is to allow the crafter to skip right to the fun part: crafting!

.A Totally Different Project Every Month

Our mission with our exciting craft boxes is to offer a wide variety of craft projects. We do this for a few different reasons...

It introduces you to projects you may otherwise never have tried

You will be able to learn an arsenal of different craft skills

Projects vary from pottery, clay, cool crafts, fabric and canvas painting, wood decor crafts, soap making, and almost everything in between!

Finished Products are Beautiful, Fun, and Functional.

We pride ourselves in picking projects that can either be displayed at home for you to show off to friends and family (making great talking pieces) or that can actually be used for a functional purpose.

The functional projects are especially nice because a lot of them are products you would otherwise probably spend more money on to buy from a retail shop.

 It's Something to Look Forward to Each Month AND it Gives persons of all ages that Good Ole' Sense of Accomplishment

There are a few different reasons why you should order a subscription box but one of the main reasons is the surprise factor of opening a new box every month. It is like a mini Christmas morning every month!

Remembering that you have something to look forward to every month can really brighten a littles ones smile and the mood on those inevitable "off days" for adults. Then the really fun part comes after opening your box up and seeing what's inside.

Now it's time to get your craft on! The act of crafting can be a mini escape from the hustle of bustle of everyday life, it allows adults to get lost in the craft and gives you a reason to get off your phone (except when you take that Instagram picture). Kids can put the electronics down for a while and engage in art to balance the mind and foster motor skills, confidence and a great fun time getting creative!

Once you're done, and everyone is  (hopefully) proud of what they have made, it's time to show off your works of art, which gives a "feel-good sense of accomplishment" emotion that turns that OK day, into a great day!

Ordering a Craft Kit

We offer 3, 6 and 12 month prepaid subscriptions at great prices.

All kits must be ordered by the 13th of the month in advance to receive your craft kit on time!

 Hibiscus Creative Girls Club; are tailored to the girls age 5- 12

Teen & Adult Endless Craft Box includes 3-4 pottery items

Subscription can be cancelled at anytime, noting there is no refund for canceling before the end of your prepaid subscription.