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Does the idea of spinning mud into stone on a potter's wheel captivate you? Whether you seek to expand your pottery making ability or you just want to let loose your creativity in a relaxing setting with like-minded people, we want to help you reach your pottery making goals in our studio!​



When you sign up for a class, you will receive full use of the pottery studio during class time and have ability to learn pottery making skills at your own pace from our instructor. Our small class size means that you will receive individualized instruction.

See guidelines below for more information 


2 weeks

Class includes clay, glazes and firing

Painting Card – included in class fee * Additional cost for specialty glazes

Join us for small class of wheel throwing serious fun!

With a maximum of 5 participants per class, this two week class is the perfect class for beginners level students who would like to learn how to use the potter’s wheel, in a short time period. Learn to operate the potters wheel, centering, building cylinders.


4 weeks

Class includes clay, glazes and firing

Painting card – included in class fee * Additional cost for specialty glazes

Time: Evening 6pm – 7.30pm

Join us and enjoy learning wheel throwing for four weeks and take it up a notch

With a maximum of 5 participants per class it’s the perfect class for serious beginner level students who would like to learn how to use the potter’s wheel and a lot more. In this class you will learn the basics centering, building of cylinder and bowls, mugs etc. You will also learn how to add handles and add decorative surfaces to your hand thrown items.

Students will be given a glaze time card to return and paint their creation, included in class fee

Must bring an old towel or cloth

Please register before the class, limited potters wheels

Full payment of class with registration.

Note: At the end of this class you be able to apply for a Potters Wheel Membership.

See Membership page for more information

2 week sign up form


During the month of November and December there are no scheduled potters wheel classes, we offer the Community Class flexible Potters Wheel  It is our busiest time of the year. We host holiday pottery painting classes and parties.

Endless Creations Sampler 

A perfect class for beginners! Make a different project while learning a new technique each week. Wheel throwing, a range of handbuilding techniques, and glazing are all covered during this fun, intensive class. By the end of the term, complete four projects (or more) and gain a better understanding and appreciation of the ceramic medium. *Register for two 5-week classes and receive the 10-week price


Class Prerequisites - Students will require the following materials to begin classes:

• We will provide moist earthenware clay for your exclusive use and offer a wide selection of Mayco Stroke & Coat glazes to finish your pieces when you register for a class Additional cost for specialty glazes.

Additional 25-lb. bags of clay may be purchased from us at $50 or 10lb. = $20

No outside clay or glazes are allowed in the studio.

• A basic tool kit or equivalent set of tools to begin throwing. If bringing your own tools, you will need: a rib, a needle tool, a cut-off wire, a loop trimming tool, and a wooden clay knife. We will also have tool kits on hand for purchase for $22

• Students may bring additional tools to classes, however please note that they do so at their own risk. Please be sure to keep account on all of your personal items/tools, as we cannot be held responsible for lost or abandoned items.

• We recommend you wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty, though we do provide disposable plastic aprons for any who wish to wear them.

Studio Etiquette:

• As this is a shared space, students are asked to clean up after themselves after each class. Buckets and sponges will be provided. We want to maximize the experience of learning and fun for all, therefore we ask that you follow basic manners of space sharing. Production pottery is not allowed at the studio. Students will have assigned areas to store their work and clay while enrolled in class. Space is limited and work not picked up or completed within two weeks of course conclusion will be discarded. We encourage you, therefore, to complete your projects in a timely fashion.

Our studio has 5 potters wheels at this time and we can accommodate up to 4 – 5 students per session plus one instructor. Please read all the policies below, they answer many questions you may have about our wheel classes and you are responsible for following them if you sign up for a class or course. Thank you.

Sign Up & Payment Policy

We accept online payment via credit card and also in studio via cash or credit card. Due to the nature of the product, instruction and costs associated with our wheel throwing operation, we do not currently accept any coupons or discounts for classes or courses (with the exception of the paid in full 3-person group discount). Classes and courses must be paid in full at the time of sign up- we cannot hold unpaid spots for any reason.

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule a single session class no less than 24 hours before the start of the class if there are less than 2 student enrollments. 2 & 4-Week Courses may be cancelled no less than 48 hours before the start of the first day of classes if full enrollment is not met. We will inform you in advance of your class with rescheduling options in the event of low-enrollment cancellations

Specific to the Single Class Sessions:

We reserve the right to cancel and reschedule class to a future date if there are less than 2 people scheduled for any single session class. You are expected to arrive 10 minutes early to class so you can sign in, get settled, put an apron on and select your seat as we start right on time. Those arriving late past the start of the class time may not be able to participate on the wheel as the instructor and other students will already be on the next step and may not have the time or ability to catch you up to speed as these are short classes with a single instructor and designed to move along quickly in stages as a group. There are no refunds for cancellations, no-shows, or being late and missing out on some or all of class. However, if you can substitute another person in your place in advance of a single session class, you are welcome to inform us that someone else is taking your place, your payment for the class has already been made so any exchange of funds for their substitution should be handled privately between parties, not through the studio.

Specific to the 2 & 4-Week Course:

2 & 4-Week Classes are held once a week for 2 or 4 weeks on the same day of the week and same time. There are no refunds or credits for cancellations, no-shows, or being late and missing out on some or all of the classes. However, if you can substitute another person in your place in advance of the start date of the first class in the 2 & 4-week course, you are welcome to inform us that someone else is taking your place for all 2 & 4 weeks (you cannot substitute someone for single classes within the course). Your payment for the course has already been made so any exchange of funds for their substitution should be handled privately between parties, not through the studio.

In the event of weather related cancellations: For single session classes, class may be canceled up to 1 hour prior to the start of class and an attempt to contact you will be made and we will reschedule your lesson to a new session. For 2 & 4-week classes students, we will set up a mutually agreeable time with all students or offer an open wheel session equivalent to the class that was missed. Refunds are not available for weather related cancellations as weather is out of our control and our policy is to reschedule.

Class Start Time and Attendance Policy

Please respect your time, the instructor’s time, as well as that of the other students attending class. Due to the structure of the short, single class sessions and to ensure that students receive a full, uninterrupted experience during class, students arriving late to class will not be permitted once the class has begun. There are no refunds (or reschedules) if you arrive late, cancel or just don’t show up.


We will generally fire clay pieces to bisque within 10-14 days at a Cone 04 bisque firing. Please check your receipt for your expected fired and ready date so you can come back to glaze it. Once you have glazed your bisque pieces, we will get them in the next available Cone 06 glaze firing kiln load. You will receive a courtesy call that your pottery is ready for final pick up (after the glaze firing) once they are unloaded from the kiln. Please check the pickup date on the day you glaze your piece before you leave so you can have an idea of when it will approximately be ready.

As our wheel throwing and ceramic painting classes ramp up, your pickup date may be altered due to kiln space, in this case we will notify you.

Pieces left at the studio more than 21 days (bisque or glaze fired) are not allowed- please read our 21 Day Hold Policy below.

21 Day Hold Policy

If you don’t glaze/pick up your piece(s) within 21 days of your original class date, they will be considered abandoned and become the property of the studio. We will choose to use them as student samples or donate them, or if they are extra beautiful we will paint and sell them to recoup the cost of the lost storage space you held up by not coming back and completing them. There are no refunds, re-do’s, store credit, or compensation in any form for pieces that are abandoned more than 21 days. If you want it, you better come and get it, please and thank you.

Age Restriction Policies

Please note that classes and courses posted online are adult only (age 18 & up) unless otherwise specified as a family class/“FAM”. Family style classes are for anyone age 10 & up (It’s a mixed age group- kids and/or adults can sign up, including families taking the class together. Children less than 10 years of age require a parent or guardian to also participate and purchase a class session for themselves. We generally do not recommend wheel throwing for children under 8 years of age). If you feel your child is more advanced than their age and can handle the class, please speak with the owner, we are happy to discuss and make exceptions to our age restrictions or parent participation- they are more "guidelines" than rules and are here to just guide you to having a great experience with us.

Any child under the age of 12 will need to have their parent/guardian sign a waiver and emergency contact form if they are being dropped off to participate alone. We do not have seating or standing room for non-participating parents/guardians. They are welcome to stay and paint pottery during class in the main room, sign up for the class with the child, or they can drop off their child.)

Clay Policy

We do not allow outside clay to be brought in. You must purchase your clay from us directly. We only fire pieces made on our wheels at our studio. We do not allow hand built pieces as part of our wheel throwing sessions and any hand built pieces will not be fired and the clay will be scrapped/recycled, regardless of size).

Beverages are welcomed during classes.

We generally do not recommend bringing food to wheel throwing classes as they are limited on time and hands get very messy, however if you insist, come early and eat your dinner or snack. This activity is messy and is in a smaller space so we highly recommend lidded beverage as wet clay and glaze can splatter everywhere.

Non-Toxicity Policy

For the safety of our customers and staff, our studio only uses glazes that are certified non-toxic. We do not allow customers to bring in outside glazes or their own mixed glazes as we cannot guarantee non-toxicity, besides glaze/clay compatibility being a concern.