4  - Week  Wheel Throwing Workshop 

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(​no class during school spring break)

Morning or Evening Class

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Tues - Thurs morning & evening

Weekends depends upon availability


11am - 1pm & 6pm - 8pm

AM - 11am - 1pm & PM - 6pm - 8pm

Cost: $400.00

Have you always wanted to learn the basics of throwing clay on the wheel? Are you looking for a longer class to learn more about using the potters wheel, this class is for you!

Like Potters Wheel Introduction 2 weeks, students will learn how to center a ball of clay and shape it into various objects like bowls, mugs, cylinders, etc. in our 4 week class, we will explore making handles for mugs and you will also in the last week you will free to let your creative juices flow. This class is a great opportunity for students to explore clay on the potter’s wheel making various items in sizes and  shapes in a four week a fun and creative workshop.

Classes will consist of 4 consecutive sessions.

*All sessions will be actual instruction and working on the potter’s wheel.

The 4-week program schedule layout as follows:

Class 1: Basic foundations covered, focusing on centering and cylinders.

Class 2: Move onto bowls with basic shaping.

Class 3: Last wheel session where we will work on your own idea/project. 

Class 4: Cover shaping of base of work and finish incomplete work. Discuss glazing options 

Class fee includes unlimited use of clay during class time and the ability to make quite a few items.

You will be working with earthenware clay and Mayco glazes.

You will receive a PAINT TIME SESSION CARD to come back and paint your pottery.

Included in class fee: All stroke & Coat color glazes

*Additional Cost option:

When you come back to glaze your fired pieces, Element and Crystal glazes are an additional $4 - $6 per 4oz jar, enough to paint an average size pot thrown on the wheel.

 Our class size range from 3 - 5 people. 

 Class may be canceled last minute due to low enrollment. 

 Full payment is required at the time of registration to secure a spot in the class.

If you join the class after the first session, full payment applies

1 week notice required for cancellation and refund.

If space cannot be filled 50% of workshop fee is non-refundable

Firing of work

Any work made in this class will be available for painting within 10 - last class date. 

Please come return to paint it or pick up and bring it back at a later date to paint complete your masterpiece with color!

Pottery is messy and we recommend that you bring an old towel to cover your lap during the lesson. The clay will wash out of most fabrics. We do not provide aprons or towels to cover clothing

Please wear appropriate clothing for getting clay on, trim your fingernails, tie back long hair and remove any hand accessories.

Finished pottery pieces not picked up in 7-14 days after painting, will be discarded. We do not have the space to store them longer.

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