Endless Creations Party 

Information & Guidelines

Our Kids Party Times Are as Follows: 

Friday * 4pm - 6pm

Saturday * 11am - 1pm, 2:30pm - 4:30pm, 5:30pm - 7:30pm 

Sunday * 11am–1pm, 2pm - 4pm

Other times maybe available depending upon bookings

Adult party times depends on a availability 


$50 non-refundable space fee is required to secure kids party reservation


1. All parties include use of the party room for 2 hours kids parties and 3 hours adult parties. A party assistant will have your room set up for you when you arrive. They will take care of art instruction and supervision of chosen art project.


2. Kids must remain in party room at all times. (Kids parties)

3. We do have a cake slicer and candle lighter should you need those. Pizza and juice boxes included. You are welcomed to bring the birthday cake and snacks. ALL FOOD AND DRINK must remain in the party room at all times.

4. Parties are DROP OFF ONLY. A maximum of 3 non-participating adults can stay in the party area. Due to space restrictions non-participating guests cannot hang around outside the party area. Guest parents and siblings are welcome to stay and paint in the studio. It is the responsibility of the party hosts to ensure their non-participating guests understand it is a drop off party.

5. If you wish to bring in additional decorations (not needed as our studios are bright and fun already!) Please NOTE Balloons must NOT TO BE HANDED OUT DURING THE PARTY, avoiding any breakage of pottery.

6. Loot bags MUST BE HANDED OUT as the party guest is leaving the party. Kids tend to open them immediately! Note, bouncy balls or Frisbees cause breakage and you are liable for any breakage and that is tempting fate!

7. Pottery pieces will be glazed, fired and bagged and ready for you (host parents) to pick up approximately 1 week after your party.

8. Clay items will be ready in approx. 2 weeks. 


9. Host parents must pick up all items; we do not allow individual guests to pick up their items. Except for adult parties.

Note, some parents will forget, and we discard of pottery not collected after 3 weeks.

10. Please don’t forget your cameras!

11. Note; pictures taken by our Pottery Assistant maybe used for our marketing purposes.

Endless Creations Party Information & Guidelines What to Expect When You Arrive.......

We HIGHLY recommend that you arrive ONLY 20 minutes prior to your scheduled party time. Parties at Endless Creations are scheduled with 45 minutes in between which gives us just enough time to clean and reassemble the area. If you arrive too early the room will NOT be available.

The party area will be set up for the number of guests you gave us as your final count (please confirm with us the day before).

Guests say their goodbyes and once everyone has arrived the instructions can begin.

Please respect your party assistant and keep conversation to a minimum during that time, kids won’t listen if the parents are talking.

Let the Fun Begin

Painting and creating times depend on the age of the children and the package chosen. Once all projects are complete all pottery or clay supplies such as paints, brushes and water will get cleared away and tables cleaned

Food, Cake and Gift time!

Kindly Note; we may have a party booked right after yours and would appreciate that you clear the room as soon as you ca after your fun, artsy party!

Thank you!