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Private Potters Wheel Classes

Kids & Adults

Receive personalized one-on-one instruction from our instructor and spend more quality time working on specific aspects of wheel throwing. 


Learn how to make pottery on the potters wheel making bowls, cylinders and other creative shapes. 

Private lessons for ages 8 - 16 $65 per hour 

Private lessons for ages 17 - 100 $95 per hour

Note: For safety reasons, children under 8 years of age are too young, due to them unable to reach and control the speed of the potters wheel using the foot paddle. 

One on One Private Lessons are available for a single person or a couple with our instructors. Lessons are for a session which covers basic wheel instruction. Based on the progression of class there may be an opportunity to throw more pottery pieces on the wheel or develop better throwing skills. It all depends on the attention and ability and how each student progresses during the class. 

Please inquire with the Instructor to schedule your private lesson at a mutually agreeable time during business hours.

These classes are great for kids and adults!

For a private class over consecutive 4 weeks discount offered

*Additional Cost: This class has a limit of 4 maximum pieces made per individual per hourly session/s. 

 Additional pieces made over the maximum $15 per piece. 

You will receive a PAINT TIME SESSION CARD to come back and paint your pottery.

Included in class fee: All Stroke & Coat color glazes, Element and Crystal glazes are included in private class lessons

For couples, you can make this a private, fun and creative date out of it -like in the movie "Ghost"! Shirts required 😊

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